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  • 50 cartes d'exercices

    Price €25.00

    Includes basic, intermediate and advanced maps with safe, fun and challenging scenarios for shooters of all ages and experiences

    Must be used with SureStrike™ laser cartridge, LaserPET™ and I-MTTS 5 pack

  • Cartouche 223 SureStrike

    Price €153.00

    The 223 SureStrike™ laser cartridge is placed in the weapon chamber. By pressing the trigger, the impact of the striker activates the SureStrike™ which then emits a laser pulse safe for the eyes, a red light shot that simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have hit.

    Electronics: Microprocessor

    Power Source: Silver Oxide Dry Batteries

    Manufacture: Stainless steel

    Spécifications laser : Classe 1, puissance inférieure à 1mW, longueur d'onde de 650nm

    Sécurité : Sans plomb, sans danger pour les yeux (conforme à la réglementation européenne)

  • cartridge 9mm (9x19)...

    Price €166.00

    9mm (9x19) cartridge activated by the gun striker

    This infrared (IR) cartridge will convert your firearm into an invisible laser emission rifle or pistol when shooting dry

    Get instant visual feedback from the location of the shot with simulators or electronic targets

    The SureStrike™ IR 9mm cartridge provides additional difficulty using an infrared laser. Without a visible laser indicator, you can only rely on your viewfinder and trigger control

    The impact can be seen ONLY with a simulator, L.A.S.R. software or electronic targets that can read IRs

    This article includes:

    • IR780 cartridge - 9mm (9x19)

    • Battery

  • Cibles d'entraînement...

    Price €139.00

    Interactive multi-target training system simulating and combining different training exercises. IPSIC/IPDA/Steel Plate/Home Defense/Tactical Shooting

    • Works with SureStrike, red and infrared laser cartridges (sold separately)

    • Choice of target or buzzer indication modes, or combination of both

    5 modes:

    1 Standalone mode: Shoot and see the shots on each target

    2 Steel plate shooting: Shoot all targets as fast as possible 

    3 Pursuit: Identify your target and shoot the bright green LED that moves between the targets.

    4 Shoot/No shoot: Shoot ONLY on the moving green target that lights up for 2 seconds

    5 Double-speed shooting: Double-speed shooting for more competent and faster shooters.

  • Competitive Shooter :...

    Price €447.00

    Steel Challenge is an addition to the Smokeless Range that allows you to easily train at home or in the office

    8 courses and up to 5 shooters with leaderboard

    Challenge yourself or your friends on speed, alternating targets accurately

    Need to have Smokeless Range to use the Competitive Shooter add-on. Check the system requirements before purchasing this item and make sure your computer meets these specifications

    Download the link below to get a free 15-day demo of the software. (this demo can only be used with your computer's mouse)


    Complete list of system requirements:


  • Home simulator...

    Price €1,384.00

    This is the same software as the basic Smokeless Range 2.0 home simulator

    This item comes with a short-protein camera instead of the basic camera

    This pack includes the Smokeless Range® simulator and a high-speed short-range camera for SureStrike™ infrared lasers. The short-range camera option is sold with an IR filter for use with SureStrike™ infrared lasers.

    This custom option is compatible with a 0.5 short-range projector (not included) and allows you to save a lot of space and overcome difficult lighting conditions.

    This item includes: *IR Laser Sensitive High Resolution Camera - Short Range *1 Meter USB Cable *10 Different Exercise Packages *One Year Limited Warranty

  • Kit d'adaptation 40...

    Price €72.00

    Convert the standard SureStrike™ 9mm to your specific caliber. Simply screw the caliber adapter ring onto the SureStrike™ cartridge and you're all set! No tools are needed.

    This SureStrike™ adaptation kit includes:

    • S&W 40 caliber adapter ring

    45 ACP caliber adapter ring

    • SureStrike™ short safety tube - fits all handguns with 2.9" to 4" (5.08 cm to 10.16 cm) guns

    • Safety tube extension - connects to the safety tube to add an additional 1" (2.54 cm) length.

    • Safety nut

  • Kit d'adaptation pour 223

    Price €72.00

    Convert the standard SureStrike™ 9mm to a 223 for use in your AR-15. Just screw the adapter of the 223 gun into the SureStrike™ laser, install the action cap 223, and you're all set! No tools needed!

    The SureStrike™ Adaptation Kit for 223 includes:

    • Action cap 223

    • Adapter for gun

    • Battery

  • Kit Premium SURESTRIKE...

    Price €216.00
  • L.A.S.R. Kit (9x19) +...

    Price €401.00

    A stand at home!

    Install L.A.S.R. software on your computer, point your webcam to the targets of your choice.

    Overlay up to 9 computerized digital impact zones on your physical targets, and shoot dry.


    • Tracking of multiple target shots

    • Chrono shooting modes: Basic, Immediate Start, Random Start, Random Start with Par, and Call Targets

    • Delay adjustable in random boot modes

    • Adjustable camera settings via the app

    • Special targets - choice of an action to be performed at each touchdown

    • Multi-shooter shot tracking race mode (9 shooters / 9 targets)

    • Diagnostic mode showing any movement during the trigger break

    • "Target down" mode to bring down the target

    • Reload simulation mode 

  • LaserPET™ II +...

    Price €288.00

    LaserPET II is an advanced laser-activated reactive target with six interactive training programs

    • Six interactive training programs

    • Shooting stopwatch for up to 6 impacts

    • Display of scores in intermediate time or elapsed time

    • User-defined settings for sound, delay, number of shots and more

    • Bright 4-digit digital display

    • Flash and sound feedback for each shot

    • Compatible with SureStrike™ red AND IR lasers (SureStrike™ 9x19 RED laser included)

    • For indoor and outdoor shaded

    • Modifiable firing area size from 0.5 to 1.8 inches (1.27 to 4.57 cm)

    • Battery level indicator

    • 2x AAA batteries or external micro USB charging (not included

  • LASR Webcam Infrarouge...

    Price €177.00

    This webcam has the following features:

    • Compatible with any infrared laser training device, up to 960 nm

    • Simplicity of Plug and Play, no software changes are necessary

    • Also works with traditional visible lasers

    • Drivers download and install automatically

    • Autofocus

    • Automatic exposure

    • Provides a realistic image for ease of use

    • Flexible base and pivot system for simple but adaptable mounting and positioning

    • 1.8 meter long USB cable

    Operating system: Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 or newer (including Windows 7 or 8)

    CPU: 1.0 GHz or higher

    RAM: At least 2.0 GB RAM

    Hard disk: 100 MB of free hard disk space.


    Price €447.00

    The M-Range is a shooting training and qualification software that allows you to create your own shooting course and train up to 4 shooters at the same time.

    Ideal for trainers and police services

    • Build and modify your own shooting range.

    • It simulates traditional rotating targets

    • Up to 4 shooters at a time

    • Control your side and front time for each step according to your training regiment

    • Train with laser ammunition, dry shooting or airsoft

    • Free updates

    M-Range does not include a high-speed camera

    M-Range is an extension of Smokeless Range. 

  • Open range 2.0

    Price €549.00

    Thanks to its included course editor, you can create and design your own training courses as you wish

    Place, move and resize more than 20 preloaded targets to arrange them the way you want

    Add gestures like pop-ups or knock downs as well as sounds (e.g. steel targets) to make your session even more realistic

    You can create courses for indoors or outdoors, with metal or paper targets, and much more 

    Once the training is complete, the exam function of the integrated After Action Review session allows you to see the location of your shots, as well as your reaction times and intermediate times.

    Extension Compatible only with smokeless range

  • Pack de 6 .38 Special...

    Price €751.00

    This pack of 6 SureStrike™ .38 Special & .357 Magnum laser training cartridges provides a complete system allowing the practice of dry shooting with 6-shot revolvers chambered in .38 Spl. or .357 Mag.

    Offer included:

    • Six 38 Special/357 SureStrike™ red laser cartridges

    • 6 reflective targets

    • 6 batteries

  • Pack de piles (x3)

    Price €18.00

    SureStrike™ cartridge batteries (EXCEPT Makarov cartridge)

    This battery pack includes:

    3 batteries.

    Silver oxide dry batteries are packaged in shrink film for ease of use.

    * Important: Do not remove the shrink film from the batteries.

  • Premium 9mm Kit...

    Price €211.00

    video de demo

    Hang reflective targets (included) in a room, aim and press the trigger.

    When shooting dry, the cartridge ™ emits a red laser light shot that is safe for the eyes. You then get instant visual feedback of the location of the shot. This immediate return of the SureStrike™ turns ordinary dry shooting into a powerful learning experience.

    The SureStrike™ Premium kit contains:

    • SureStrike™ 9mm Laser Cartridge (9x19)

    • UhrSecure safety system - Short tube, extension tube and nut

    • 6 reflective targets (with the choice of red laser)

    • Black carrying case

    • Battery

    • User Guide

  • Premium Plus Kit...

    Price €231.00

    Cartridge activated by the impact of the striker and then emits a laser pulse safe for the eyes, simulating the point of impact.

    This immediate reaction from the SureStrike™ turns a typical dry shooting session into a powerful learning experience.

    Unlike other vibration-activated laser cartridges, the SureStrike™ is activated by the action of the striker, which eliminates possible misfires.

    The SureStrike™ Premium Plus kit contains:

    • SureStrike™ 9mm (9x19) laser cartridge

    • Adapter 40 SW 45 ACP

    • Short tube and safety nut - Extension tube

    • 6 reflective targets (for the red laser version only)

    • Camouflage style case

    • Battery

    • Instructions for use


    Price €447.00

    Laser Ammo's IPSC Challenge expansion combines multiple targets, moving targets, reactive targets, penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles and competition strategies are all part of the IPSC and allow shooters to Chain challenges.

    Competitive Shooter/IPSC does not include a high-speed camera

    Competitive Shooter/IPSC is only available as an extension to Smokeless Range

  • Smokeless Range ® 2.0...

    Price €782.00

    First affordable shooting simulator, judging and shooting training with your firearm; You only need a laptop, projector, screen or TV

    Includes a high-speed camera for SureStrike™ red and IR lasers, 5 different shooting exercises and 5 recreational exercises:

    Shooting exercises: transition, pursuit, speed, moving targets and pairing

    Recreational exercises: Duel tree, trap shooting, target shooting, can throwing and bomb explosion

    When used with Airsoft guns, use of a SureStrike™ vibration infrared cartridge recommended

    Recommended method of use: projector, can be used with a TV. 

    Software Downloads (smokelessdownload.com) 

  • T.A.S Viseur Glock...

    Price €131.00

    Fiber optic viewfinder

    Fast and intuitive 2-eye open acquisition wide-view view viewfinder

    Low profile target acquisition viewfinder with 2 open eyes for a better understanding of the environment

    Suitable for cases

    Installation Torx key included.

    Technical information:

    Alu. aero 7075 and polycarbonate.

    Machined to the nearest fiftieth of a cm

    Dimensions: H 4.2 mm, L 18 mm, L 41-51 mm


    The T.A.S viewfinder can be used both as a standalone viewfinder and as a single rear viewfinder. For fast operational shooting, the shooter uses the light point of the T.A.S viewfinder as the single point of sight, greatly improving shooting speed and performance. Simply align the fully illuminated point of the T.A.S viewfinder with the target.

  • Tactical Targets

    Price €412.00

    The Tactical Targets option allows you to shoot a series of shoot/no-shoot targets as you move around the environment

    Presentation of random targets each time the course is carried out for unique sessions

    Includes five different shooting ranges, including a timed shooting range

    Tactical Targets does not include a high-speed camera

    Tactical Targets is only available as an extension of Smokeless Range.

  • Trainer Pro 2.0 Video...

    Price €1,173.00

    Comes with a scene and zone editor to create your own scenarios.

    The zone editor allows you to place precise shooting zones on the threats appearing in the scene, so only the shots that hit the shooting zone cause reaction and evolution of the scene. This scalable video editor is exclusive to the Pro version.

    • Edit your videos before uploading them to the simulation editor

    • Build your own scenarios with different situations.

    • Feedback from your shots

    • 30 preloaded short scenarios 

    • Use your own weapon, an airsoft to simulate recoil or an advanced training laser gun.

    • Ideal for local police departments, training centers and professionals

    You need to buy the Smokeless Range simulator before you buy Video Trainer.

  • Ultime FDO SureStrike™...

    Price €277.00

    Use your semi-automatic pistol and your AR-15 - 4 caliber rifle in a single training system, with a bore-sighter as a bonus! The SureStrike™ Ultimate Edition FDO contains

    1 223 SureStrike™ Laser Cartridge and 223 Gun Adapter

    • SureStrike™ 9mm(9x19) with Multi Mode cap - 5,000 extra shots!

    • S&W 40 gauge adapter

    • 45 ACP caliber adapter

    • UhrSecure safety system (short tube, extension tube and nut)

    • 6 reflective targets (with the choice of red laser)

    • Camouflage carrying case

    • User Guide

    • Battery

  • WLB15 Laser Bolt "Wespe"

    Price €262.00

    With adjustable feel and weight of relaxation, Instant return of your aim and shooting point while optimizing muscle memory

    0.7 kg ignition expansion to 4.5 kg combat trigger

    Laser modes:

    Steady Laser: easy alignment of the laser inside the barrel.

    Trigger Hold: the laser appears as long as the trigger is pressed

    Electronic Target Mode: Optimized for Electronic Targets

    Color pads to adjust your relaxation

    relaxation: precise rupture and rearmament

    Cable management: left side (long cable), right side (short cable, reverse release switch)


    1x LaserTrainingBolt

    1x Relaxation Switch

    1x Quick Start Guide

    1x Set of tools1x Set of 7 spacers