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  • HAIX waterproofing spray

    Price €10.90

    Chemical-resistant gas-free waterproofing spray that protects leather and textiles from water, dirt, oil and grease.

    Advice for use:

    Clean the shoes first with a brush or remove stubborn dirt with a light, lukewarm soap solution before re-impregnating it. 

    Apply the spray generously to the leather at a distance of about 30 cm so that the shoe "absorbs" the impregnating product so that the care substances can penetrate the leather. 

    Let the spray act for about 15 minutes before starting the next treatment; This treatment can be repeated up to 3 times. Additional maintenance of the smooth leather can be applied afterwards.

    Treat every four to eight weeks. You should also re-impregnate them if the shoes are really wet.

    Let your shoes sit for about 24 hours after impregnation so that the care substances can take effect.