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  • Care product for leather shoes

    Price €7.90

    Special wax for a perfect care of your leather shoes

    Special wax for the care of shoes with smooth leather and a membrane. Leather retains its shine, breathable and hydrophobic qualities.

    With sun-reflecting pigments 

    Impregnates and heals

    For black or transparent leather shoes

    Capacity 75ml

  • HAIX waterproofing spray

    Price €10.90

    Chemical-resistant gas-free waterproofing spray that protects leather and textiles from water, dirt, oil and grease.

    Advice for use:

    Clean the shoes first with a brush or remove stubborn dirt with a light, lukewarm soap solution before re-impregnating it. 

    Apply the spray generously to the leather at a distance of about 30 cm so that the shoe "absorbs" the impregnating product so that the care substances can penetrate the leather. 

    Let the spray act for about 15 minutes before starting the next treatment; This treatment can be repeated up to 3 times. Additional maintenance of the smooth leather can be applied afterwards.

    Treat every four to eight weeks. You should also re-impregnate them if the shoes are really wet.

    Let your shoes sit for about 24 hours after impregnation so that the care substances can take effect.

  • Maintenance brush kit

    Price €11.90

    Ideal set for the care of your HAIX shoes

    Includes three different brushes for cleaning, maintenance and polishing.

    Cleaning brush

    Polishing brush

  • Care product for velvet and nubuck

    Price €7.90

    Special wax for a perfect care of your rough leather shoes

    Impregnates and maintains

    Removes small scratches

    Suitable for all colors

    Care of suede leather shoes

    Maintains all models in suede leather. 

    Even GORE-TEX membranes are not an obstacle for this shoe care product shoe cream has been specially developed for material mixtures 

    Can be applied with a soft cloth and worked after drying with quality brushes. This effort is worth it to perfectly maintain and impregnate the leather from time to time and to maintain its appearance. Thanks to this care, the colored pigments of the deeper layers of the leather return to the surface and intensify the coloration of the leather.

    The suede shoe remains water-repellent and even the Sun Protect finish of the black models is not affected. This property is a considerable advantage, especially for shoes used outdoors.

    The suede leather is carefully maintained and thus retains all its properties that have distinguished the shoe from the beginning.