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  • Sangle de Transport Polyvalent

    Price €39.00
  • Tripod GHOSTHOOD camo

    Price €99.99

    Ultralight and compact camouflage cover for tripods.

    Lightweight, compact and efficient.

    IRR Printing

    . Assembles and disassembles in seconds

    . Five-part construction (3x leg, 1x center column, 1x ball head)

    . No restrictions on moving parts

    . Covers the legs of tripods up to 130cm in length

    . 11 attachment points for CFIX camouflage

  • GHOSTHOOD Optic-Camo

    Price €65.99

    A lightweight and quiet camouflage shell for all common telephoto and telescope lenses. Lightweight and easy to use. 

    Suitable for telephoto lenses up to Nikon 800mm or similar

    Two elastic cords for a secure fit 

    Dimensions: ø25mm x 90cm 

    6 CFIX attachment points 



    Price €265.00

    This system is part of the mandatory package when shooting on site, whether in the mountains or in urban areas.

    Let’s take the example of a shot at 800 meters from a cosine angle . 74.

    The corrected distance will be 800 x 0.74 = 592 meters or nearly 200 meters less, which is huge in view of the arrow of a bullet.

  • Sangle de Transport 50mm Quick view
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    Sangle de Transport 50mm

    Price €14.00