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  • Poche de délestage Flex 5.11

    Price €35.00

    The Drop Flex tote bag is multifunctional

    Load shedding your chargers

    Container of cases on the launch pads

    Medical container type used dressings, cotton, gloves

    Canine container and safety

    Container for all your sports or outdoor practices (excavations, gemologies, etc.)

    zippered pocket to reduce volume when not in use; Release there when necessary. 

    Top of the pocket stiffened to keep a convenient opening. 

    Thanks to the Flex-Hook adapters, you can adapt this pocket on MOLLE or hook-and-loop.

  • Dump Pouch Core - CLAWGEAR

    Price €33.90

    The Clawgear Dump Pouch Core is classic design which utilizes an adjustable opening with a lightweight nylon aperture. The Dump pouch can be folded and stored in a small package by securing it with a fastener flap.

    Height: 29cm

    Width: 22cm

    Depth: 10cm

  • Sac  ResponsePak Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Sac ResponsePak

    Price €34.50