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  • MSA Sordin hygiene kit for Supreme Gel helmet

    Price €38.00

    Hygiene kit silicone gel replacement for supreme noise-canceling headphones of the same brand. 

    This kit consists of two silicone gel rings as well as two noise reduction pads.

    For optimal operation, the manufacturer recommends a change once or twice a year for regular use.

  • MSA Sordin Foam Hygiene Kit for Supreme Helmet

    Price €16.00

    Essential to preserve the performance of your MSA helmet, you must regularly change your pads and inserts.

    Under normal use, it is recommended to do this at least twice a year.


    Two PVC-coated foam hygiene rings and two foam noise reduction pads.

  • Supreme PTT waterproof Simple Com MSA housing Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Supreme PTT waterproof Simple Com MSA housing

    Price €740.40

    A Simple Com PTT system intended to be connected to a communication radio.

    Its black body, waterproof to projections, has a robust click switch and easy to spot, as well as a staple to attach it to clothing.

    It also has an external output to which it is possible to connect a PTT Sniper device.

    It has a 520 mm spiral cable to connect the box to the radio interface.

    See available interfaces and order references below

    To know the compatibility according to your radio, do not hesitate to contact us

  • NEXUS PTT Single Com Enclosure Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    NEXUS PTT Single Com Enclosure

    Price €272.40

    KL045 KL020 KL071 KL068compatible socket for MOTOROLA radios (transceiver)

    MTBR1 & MTBR2 compatible sockets for THALES brand radios (transceiver):

    Compatible KL022-1 socket for ICOM / VERTEX / YAESU / ZODIAC brand radios (transceiver/receiver)

    Compatible KL074 socket for VERTEX / YAESU brand radios (transceiver)

    Compatible KL075 socket for VERTEX / YAESU brand radios (transceiver)

    Compatible KL022-2 socket for ALAN / MIDLAND / LAFAYETTE brand radios (transmitter/receiver)

    Compatible KL024 socket for KENWOOD radios (transceiver)

    Compatible KL042 socket for MAXON radios (transceiver)

    Compatible KL076 socket for SEPURA radios (transceiver)

    Compatible KL077 socket for EADS radios (transceiver)

    If your radio station is not listed, please contact.

  • Simple Com waterproof Alternat housing Quick view
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    Simple Com waterproof Alternat housing

    Price €259.90

    Interface box with integrated front panel alternating control, cable and NEXUS female jack for SORDIN headphone connection

    Cable and radio jack

    No volume adjustment

    Simple Com

    Suitable for MSA headsets

    For TPH700/900 - GP340/380 - THR880 - Motorola DP2600 - Hydera PD 785G

    Please contact us to place the order