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The M-Range is a shooting training and qualification software that allows you to create your own shooting course and train up to 4 shooters at the same time.

Ideal for trainers and police services

• Build and modify your own shooting range.

• It simulates traditional rotating targets

• Up to 4 shooters at a time

• Control your side and front time for each step according to your training regiment

• Train with laser ammunition, dry shooting or airsoft

• Free updates

M-Range does not include a high-speed camera

M-Range is an extension of Smokeless Range. 


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  • Home simulator...

    Price €1,523.00

    This is the same software as the basic Smokeless Range 2.0 home simulator

    This item comes with a short-protein camera instead of the basic camera

    This pack includes the Smokeless Range® simulator and a high-speed short-range camera for SureStrike™ infrared lasers. The short-range camera option is sold with an IR filter for use with SureStrike™ infrared lasers.

    This custom option is compatible with a 0.5 short-range projector (not included) and allows you to save a lot of space and overcome difficult lighting conditions.

    This item includes: *IR Laser Sensitive High Resolution Camera - Short Range *1 Meter USB Cable *10 Different Exercise Packages *One Year Limited Warranty

  • Tactical Targets

    Price €453.00

    The Tactical Targets option allows you to shoot a series of shoot/no-shoot targets as you move around the environment

    Presentation of random targets each time the course is carried out for unique sessions

    Includes five different shooting ranges, including a timed shooting range

    Tactical Targets does not include a high-speed camera

    Tactical Targets is only available as an extension of Smokeless Range.