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Polymer carabiners

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  • Grimloc

    Price €3.00

    Strong and lightweight polymer

    Silent and discreet to handle

    Easily usable with gloves

    Usable with one hand

    self-cleaning system of the mechanism

    Fits on 1" (2.54cm) wide straps

    Resistance 15 Kg

    Dimensions: 54 x 40 mm

    GhilieTEX™ treatment to reduce infrared signature (except black)

    Sun and water resistant

    Sold individually

    * Do not use for recall

  • Polymer carabiner

    Price €2.50

    Carabiner for equipment 

    . Closure: Without locking

    . Ergonomics: Textured grip for a better grip

    . Fixing: Fits on any MOLLE passerby

    . Manufacturing: Polymer

    . Length: 6.5 centimeters

    . Width : 8.5 centimeters

    . Weight: 16 grams (approx.)

    Warning: Not suitable for climbing or rappelling activities!