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  • GHOSTHOOD Ghost-Mask

    Price €19.99

    Ghosthood light hood

    Can be used with or without glasses 

    One size fits all

    Lightweight material for easy breathing 

    Size of table tennis ball

  • Tripod GHOSTHOOD camo

    Price €99.99

    Ultralight and compact camouflage cover for tripods.

    Lightweight, compact and efficient.

    IRR Printing

    . Assembles and disassembles in seconds

    . Five-part construction (3x leg, 1x center column, 1x ball head)

    . No restrictions on moving parts

    . Covers the legs of tripods up to 130cm in length

    . 11 attachment points for CFIX camouflage

  • GHOSTHOOD Optic-Camo

    Price €65.99

    A lightweight and quiet camouflage shell for all common telephoto and telescope lenses. Lightweight and easy to use. 

    Suitable for telephoto lenses up to Nikon 800mm or similar

    Two elastic cords for a secure fit 

    Dimensions: ø25mm x 90cm 

    6 CFIX attachment points 


  • Ghillie de camouflage Ghosthood

    Price €229.99

    Hooded poncho covering the entire upper body with your accessories and accessibility to your equipment and armament

    Elastic band for adjusting the hood. The opening of the eyes is covered with a mosquito net.

    Chest: opening with a flap to use your objectives or armaments 

    Small elastic loop to shorten poncho volume. (see video)

    50 CFIX buckles for attaching natural vegetation or our adapted camouflage materials

    One size fits all and fits on any equipment (e.g. backpack)

    Access to cases, belts, bags and equipment

    Mesh eye slit for optimal camouflage at close range

    Optical opening to cover the rifle and shoulders in the supine position

    Hand camo like mittens

    Volume: approx. 2 l 

    High-quality IRR (infrared) printing

  • Ghosthood neckband

    Price €25.99

    Thin tubular neckband with a length of about 70 cm.

    Integrated elastic band on one side. For example, you can wear the elastic part on your nose

    Loose material and is very breathable.

    Protects from the sun and insect bites.

    IRR treatment

  • Camo tape for armament

    Price €89.99

    3-piece rifle camouflage fits different rifle models from HK416 to AX50.

    (Bipod, stock, barrel + scope)


    The main room covers most of the weapon. This piece consists of two tubes sewn together. 

    Slide the muzzle towards the bezel. 

    Then you will find the optical coverage. Just slide it over the bezel and you'll have one of the rubber bands with drawstring lockers on the front. 

    On the ocular side you have a simple elastic loop to fix it.

    The bipod camouflage has two tubes, which are connected by an elastic band and a cordlocker. Just slide it on the bipod 

    For shooting on the firing range: Slide the cover a little backwards, to avoid damage from hot gases. If you shoot a lot, be sure to remove the camouflage before the barrel gets too hot!

    CFIX loops for vegetation

    IRR Colors

  • Ghosthood Windproof Poncho

    Price €105.99

    One size extra light and compact camouflage oncho that fits most pockets.

    Made from highly breathable Ghost ULTRA LIGHT fabric.

    Netless eye slit

    The front is longer than the back.

    A small backpack can be carried underneath.

    Thanks to the finger curls, the back of the hands is also covered.


  • Camouflage leggings

    Price €129.99

    Elastic cord with cordlocker for better fit. 

    Canadian button to fix the legs on the belt buckles or the belt itself.

    Shoe clip with storage option in case of no 

    10 CFIX loops Per leg adapted to be completed with beings used with natural vegetation or other

    This product can also be used to camouflage equipment, for example, you can easily cover a rifle or a large telephoto lens.

    One size fits all. Also suitable for winter clothing

    Access to the leg pocket

    Volume: Approx. 1.5l / approx. 242g

    Delivered in pairs


  • Ghosthood bag cover

    Price €35.88

    Camouflage cover for backpacks of 30 and 60 Liters

    Can also be used as camouflage cover for a helmet.

    Silent material

    Very breathable

    Adjustable elastic cord for a secure fit

    IRR Colors

  • Camouflage net

    Price €347.48

    Camouflage net with 4 openings for antennas, rifles, lenses, spotting scopes and more. 

    The four openings overlap when the net is used as a double layer. 

    Two men can lie side by side and work behind. 

    When used as a single layer, you will see through the material and get a feel for the environment. 

    The material is very breathable

    4 optical slots

    approx. 35 CFIX loops for attaching vegetation

    16 loops to set it up

    Items delivered: RECCE-Net, bag

    IRR Colors

  • Backpack speed pack

    Price €129.99

    Lightweight backpack low profile of 15L. 

    Special design optimizes fit. 

    Shoulder straps equipped with a height-adjustable chest strap in low profile. 

    Due to the minimalist back system, the bag sits close to the body.

    A high number of soft cuts allows a complete configuration of the backpack. 

    Has eight 25mm loops for carabiners, cords or loops

    On each side is a zipper, which can be opened from the top or bottom. This allows for different transport methods and quick access to content. Inside the bag is also a large soft panel. 

    Underneath, there is a flat pocket to add padding, if necessary.

    Hydration tube opening

    Low-profile shoulder straps

    MOLLE inside and out

    8 versatile loops

    IR Sour Colors

    Weight: Approx. 435g

  • Reversible snow camo overwear

    Price €229.99

    Reversible camouflage overwear Snow

    can also cover tactical equipment, including backpack. 

    Attached hood adaptable on a helmet

    Elastic band allows adjustment of the hood. 

    The opening of the eyes is covered with a mosquito net.

    Belly opening with a lid flap for use of armament or objectives. 

    Small elastic buckle to shorten the front of the over-outfit. 

    50 CFIX loops on each side. These can be used to attach natural vegetation or other camouflage materials 

    On the camouflage side, the CFIX buckles are made of CONCAMO® Brown. 

    Reversible from camouflage to pure white

    One size fits all 

    Access to cases, belts, bags and equipment

    Optical opening to cover the rifle and shoulders 

    Hand camo like mittens

    Volume: approx. 2.5 l 

    IRR treatment

  • Ghosthood fabric

    Price €99.99

    Raw material of our Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²). 

    Usable for various DIY projects and to make your own camouflage cover. 

    Established wrinkled look.

    Width: approx. 150 cm

    Total length: approx. 3m

    Can be used for GHOSTHOOD products

    IRR Colors

  • Ghosthood lightweight belt

    Price €19.99

    Lightweight belt with extra flat 3D design ensures optimal fit and prevents pressure points from forming under hip belts

    This trouser belt can be worn in a wide variety of pants. 

    Increasing the excessive length prevents the material from slipping through. Therefore, the belt does not adjust on its own. The 20mm WJ buckle allows for comfortable opening. The double layer prevents the material from slipping unintentionally.

    Thanks to the flat design, the belt does not form pressure points, even under the hip belts of the backpack.

    Low profile

    Front 20mm wide, circumferential 40mm wide

    Ultralight (approx. 33g medium size)

    Special 3D design for optimal fit

    IR Colors

  • Ghosthood Elite Shooter Sail

    Price €49.99

    Thin camouflage scarf with a size of about 150x90cm. Different ways of wearing are possible. The material is particularly breathable and reliably protects against the sun and insects.

    Thanks to the four elastic buckles in the corners, the scarf can also be stretched as a camouflage net. Thanks to the aperture, you can also perform optics.

    The opening is large enough for a head. Thus, the scarf can be worn as a super light camouflage poncho.

    Rubber buckles in the corners

    Hole for optics or head

    Very breathable for easy breathing

    IRR Colors

    Size: Approx. 95x150cm

    Weight: Approx. 110g


    100% Polyester

    Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²)

  • Ghosthood wool hat

    Price €19.99

    The cap is designed in such a way that there is no seam in the middle of the forehead. It is elastic in circumference.

    It is cut on the sides in such a way that it also packs the earlobes.

    Cut suitable for the ears

    Can also be used under helmets

    Small package size

    Color: Concamo Green

    IRR Colors

    Caution: The fabric becomes softer and more elastic as a result of washing. Comfort and fit are usually even better after washing than before.


    65% Polyamide

    34% Wool

    2% Elastane

    Sizes: L (50-57cm), XL (55-64cm)

  • Mini Line-Lok 12x Ghosthood

    Price €4.99

    Set of 12 line loks for lines from 1 to 3 mm in diameter. Perfect for guy lines and lines on tarps, tents, camouflage nets and more.


    Oliv Dimensions: 21x14x7mm

    Weight: 0.74g/pcs

    Manufacturer: Clamcleat

    Model: CL266

    Material: Nylon

  • Ghosthood Sheet Kit

    Price €41.62

    Set of 50 pre-cut sheets to improve GHOSTHOOD products or other equipment. The Oak Light is made from our lightweight fabric. Colors may vary.

    Set of fabric sheets of 80g/m². Can be attached via a circumference hitch.

    Easy to reach for C-Fix loops

    Also suitable for Molle Webbing

    Can be used for ghillie suits, camouflage net and more

    IRR Colors

    Color: Randomly mixed, dominant green (Concamo Green Gen 1 + Concamo Fresh, Concamo Green Gen 2)

    Warning: Rarely these sheets can have defective impressions.


    100% Polyester

    Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²)

  • Diving camo oversuit Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Diving camo oversuit

    Price €399.99

    Camouflage suit to wear over dry or wet suits. 

    Cordura reinforcements on elbows and knees.

    Portable with or without headphones

    Reinforcement on elbows and knees

    One size fits all

    Including diving mask cover

    Hand camo for the back of the hand

    Extremely small package: approx. 2 l 

    High-quality IRR printing

  • Ghosthood camo net Quick view
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    Ghosthood camo net

    Price €0.00

    Please contact us

    Camouflage net for hiding place. 

    With single-layer use, the environment can be seen weakly. Since the material is particularly breathable, you have a pleasant climate and good air circulation in the hiding place, even with a closed design.

    The material is tightly woven, so that it does not get stuck on the branches.

    Dimensions: approx. 6 x 8.5 m

    Weight: approx. 6,000 g


    Scope of delivery: Camo-Net, bag of objects

    IRR Colors


    100% Polyester

    Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²)

  • Ghosthood 2mm pressed PP cord Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Ghosthood 2mm pressed PP cord

    Price €14.99

    A 200 m roll of 2 mm braided PP cord. Perfect for tarpaulins, tents or camouflage nets. Works well with our Mini Line-Lok.

    Braided cord with a diameter of 2mm.

    Color: Multi-Color

    Diameter: 2mm

    Length: 200m

    Material: 100% Polypropylene

    On demand