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Multifunction tools and clamps with accessories

Multifunction tools and clamps with accessories

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  • Scissors Raptor leatherman

    Price €109.00

    Developed with the collaboration of emergency doctors and fire professionals, the Raptor has the right balance of functionality, without overloading tools 

    Blade length: 4.8 cm

    Manufacture: HC420 stainless steel


    . Rule

    . Strap hook

    . Oxygen tank wrench

    . Medical scissors made of stainless steel HC420

    . Ring cut

    . Icebreakers with carbide tip

    supplied with a case

  • OHT clamp leatherman

    Price €134.90

    1. Spring-operated tapered nose pliers

    2. Spring operated normal clamp

    3. CM154 replaceable hard wire cutter

    4. CM154 replaceable wire cutter

    5. HC420 knife

    6. HC420 notched knife

    7. Saw

    8. Strap cutting hook

    9. Adapter n°8-32 for rod / cleaning brush

    10. Can Opener

    11. Bottle opener

    12. Oxygen tank wrench

    13. Phillips screwdriver

    14.Flat screwdriver (wide)

    15. Flat screwdriver (medium)

    16. Flat screwdriver (small)

    Comes with MOLLE nylon® case

  • SKELETOOL leatherman pliers

    Price €99.90

    Number of tools: 7

    Tapered nose pliers

    Normal clamps

    Hard wire cutter

    Wire cutting

    HC420 combo knife

    Tip holder in the handle (Bit Kit compatible)

    Lockable blade

    Replaceable pocket clip

    Externally accessible tools

    One-handed tools

    Carabiner / bottle opener

    Adapter for large tip

  • SURGE leatherman pliers

    Price €179.00

    Has 21 tools:

    Tapered nose pliers

    Normal clamps

    Shears / wire cutter

    Cutting pliers for hard wire

    Cutting pliers for twisted wires

    Crimping pliers

    Knife / tracing tip

    Notched knife


    1 adapter for interchangeable blades

    2 interchangeable blades

    1 adapter for large tip

    1 adapter for small tip

    2 reversible tips

    Screwdriver 5/16"

    Reamer / sharp punch with wire loop

    Ruler (22cm / 9")

    Can Opener / Bottle Opener

    Wire stripper

    Cord eyelet (fixed)

    Comes with leather case

    Comes with 2 interchangeable blades:

    Diamond and wood/metal lime


    2 reversible tips

    Optical screwdriver (flat and Phillips)

    Phillips n°1-2 and 3/16" screwdriver

  • Multifunction clamp SIGNAL leatherman

    Price €169.00

    Bottle opener

    . CM154 replaceable wire cutter

    . Saw

    .  Tapered nose pliers

    . Punch with wire loop

    . CM154 Replaceable Hard Wire Cutter

    . HC420 combo knife

    . Hammer

    . Karabiner

    . Hex tip adapter

    . Allen 1/4" key

    . Wire stripper

    . Allen 3/16" key

    . Emergency whistle

    . Ferrocecium fire starter rod

    . Diamond-coated sharpening stone

    . Can opener

    . Normal clamps

    . Interchangeable tip

  • Multifunction clamp EOD MUT® leatherman

    Price €269.90

    The multifunction clamp intended primarily for NEDEX experts.

    The MUT® EOD offers in particular: a crimper, replaceable tools, a carbon scraper, a punch for C4 ... etc...

    . Includes:

    3/8" wrench and scope adjustment accessory

    . Manufacture:

    420HC Stainless Steel, 154CM Stainless Steel, Bronze, Black Oxide

    . Tips included:

    Torx n°15 and hexagonal 7/64 in,

    Phillips screwdriver No. 1 and 2 and 3/16 inches,

    Phillips screwdriver No. 2 and 1/4"

  • Multifunction clamp Rebar steel leatherman

    Price €99.00

    Tapered nose pliers

    Normal clamps

    High quality steel wire cutters,


    Cutting pliers for high steel hard wire

    Quality, replaceable

    Clamps for electrical cables

    HC420 knife

    Semi-notched knife in HC420

    Wood/metal lime


    Small screwdriver

    Large screwdriver

    Phillips screwdriver

    Punch with wire loop

    Ruler (8 inches/20 cm)

    Bottle openers

    Can openers

    Wire stripper

    Cord eyelet

    Comes with leather case

    Length: 10 cm

  • MICRA leatherman clamp

    Price €44.90

    Bottle opener

    . Spring-operated scissors

    . Nail picks

    . Rule

    . HC420 knife

    . Medium screwdriver

    . Tweezers

    . Extra-small screwdriver

    . Flat and Phillips screwdriver

    . Nail file

  • Handheld tool BREWZER leatherman

    Price €9.90

    Extraordinary little all-terrain tool!

    Its versatile flat wrist allows it to be used as a leverage tool.

    Careful workmanship from high quality stainless steel metal, heat treated.

    The Brewser fits perfectly into a key ring thanks to its split ring, but it will easily find its place in your pocket.

    . Body: stainless steel

  • Carabiner Rime 4 tool leatherman

    Price €19.95

    Not suitable for climbing activities  


    Bottle opener

    Shoelace tightening assistance

    Flat screwdriver n°3

    TSA Air Transport Compatible

    iPod Shuffle Storage®

    Notch for earbuds

    Number of tools: 4

  • Pocket knife 2 tools Leatherman

    Price €50.00

    Nombre d'outils : 2

    Lame pliante HC420


    Longueur fermé : 8.77 cm

    Longueur de la lame : 6.6 cm

    Poids : 36.85 gr

  • Multifunction knife Free Leatherman

    Price €59.95

    Number of tools: 8 

    HC420 knife blade

    Bottle opener 

    Parcel opener

    Mini lever 

    Phillips screwdriver 

    Medium and small screwdriver 

    Width: 2.4 cm 

    Thickness: 1.6 cm

  • Hard scissors case Raptor leatherman

    Price €19.95

    This rigid polymer case allows you to carry your pair of Raptor scissors safely on a MOLLE holder.

  • Kit of 21 leatherman reversible tips Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Kit of 21 leatherman reversible tips

    Price €30.00

    35% more resilient than standard steel - Corrosion-resistant galvanized treatment

    Hexagonal 1.5mm and 2mm

    Hexagonal 2.5mm and 3mm

    Hexagonal 4mm and 5mm

    Hexagonal 6mm and 1/4"

    Hexagonal 7/32" and 3/16"

    Hexagonal 5/32" and 5/64"

    Hexagonal 1/16" and 0.50"

    Robertson n°3 and n°2

    Robertson No. 1 and Pozi No. 3

    Pozi n°2 and n°1

    Torx n°10 and n°15

    Torx n°20 and n°25

    Torx n°27 and n°30

    Phillips No. 0 and No. 3

    Phillips No. 1 and No. 2

    Slotted n°3/32" and n°1/18"

    Slotted n°5/32" and n°3/16"

    Slotted n°7/32" and n°1/4"

    Optical screwdriver (flat and Phillips)

  • Clamp SIDEKICK leatherman Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Clamp SIDEKICK leatherman

    Price €89.00

    Spring-operated jaws

    Tapered nose pliers

    Normal clamps

    Wire cutters

    Cutting pliers for hard wire

    Semi-notched knife in HC420

    Notched knife HC420


    Metal Lime

    Ruler ("/cm)

    Screwdriver (large)

    Screwdriver (small)

    Phillips screwdriver

    Ruler ("/cm)

    Can Opener / Bottle Opener

    Carabiner / Removable bottle opener

    Wire stripper

    Removable pocket clip

    Cord eyelet

    Comes with leather crust sheath case

  • Leatherman WAVE Plus clamp Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Leatherman WAVE Plus clamp

    Price €160.00

    Has 17 tools:

    1. Tapered Nose Clamp

    2. Normal clamp

    3. Wire cutter

    4. Shears / Cutting pliers

    5. Stripping pliers

    6. Knife 420 HC

    7. Notched knife 420 HC

    8. Saw

    9. Scissors

    10. Ruler (19 cm)

    11. Can opener 

    12. Bottle opener

    13. Wood/Metal Lime

    14. Diamond Lime

    15. Large tip adapter

    16. Small tip adapter

    17. Medium flat screwdriver

    Length: 10cm

    Blade length: 7.3cm

    Weight: 241g

    Comes with a leather case and 2 reversible tips:

    Optical screwdriver (flat and Phillips)

    Phillips n°1-2 and 3/16" screwdriver

  • Pince WINGMAN Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Pince WINGMAN

    Price €89.00
  • Multifunction clamp Super Tool 300 leatherman Quick view
    • Out-of-Stock

    Multifunction clamp Super Tool 300 leatherman

    Price €124.90

    Has 19 functions:

    1. Tapered Nose Clamps

    2. Normal clamps

    3. CM154 replaceable wire cutter

    4. CM154 replaceable hard wire cutter

    5. Twisted wire cutter

    6. Electric wire stripper

    7. Wire stripper

    8. HC420 knife

    9. HC420 notched knife

    10. Saw

    11. Punch with wire loop

    12. Ruler (22cm)

    13. Can openers

    14. Bottle opener

    15. Wood/Metal Lime

    16. Cruciform

    17. Flat screwdriver (small)

    18. Flat screwdriver (medium)

    19. Flat screwdriver (large)

    Cord eyelet

    Comes with leather case