UFPRO Striker ULT Combat Pants

VAT included 3-4 days

UF PRO Waist/Flex System

Belt loops reinforced in CORDURA®.

Double fly zipper and hook closures.

Non-slip strip at the back of the waist.

Scholler-dynamic® stretch fabric at the knees and buttocks.

NyCo Extreme Ripstop fabric.

Front pockets with mesh ventilation openings and additional knife pocket.

Discreet security pocket.

Large side pockets with button closure, integrated elastic inner buckles and elastic grip strap on the top edge.

Versatile pocket on the thigh with mesh ventilation openings and side pocket accessible horizontally and vertically.

Pockets for knee pads made of technological material 37.5™.

Additional pocket for UF PRO Solid knee pads.

Knee area reinforced in CORDURA®.

Adjustable knee width.

Lower leg area adjustable in width.

Mesh ventilation openings at the legs.

Hooks for boots.


Taille UF PRO

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    Knitted fabric of the torso reinforced with ceramic stitches. This results in exceptional protection against abrasion of the plate holders.

    Lizard/Skin torso fabric is based on Lyocell/polyamide knitting

    Exceptional breathability and extremely short drying time of the fabric (even wet).

    At the hips of the Striker X Combat Shirt is breathable and breathable padding. 

    The air/pac® pads are located at shoulder level. These 8mm thick inserts make it easy to carry a heavy plate holder or backpack on your shoulders.

    Zippers along the upper part of your arms. 

    The closure of the collar at 3 levels for adjustment

    Inserts for elbows UF PRO Flex 

    Closure of the collar with 3 levels with velcro.

    Air/PAC® inserts at the shoulders.

    2 pockets on the arm with velcro closure, pencil pocket with extra strap for easy opening.

    Velcro at chest level to easily attach identification patches.

    Special pockets for UF PRO elbow pads.

    Padding at the hips.

    Abrasion-resistant Lizard/Skin fabric for the torso.

    Adjustable sleeve width.

    Ergonomic sleeves, easy to roll up.

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    Five Velcro areas for unit patches and IR patches

    Adjustable headband


    Black, Brown Grey, Steel Grey, Navy Blue and SloCam: 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Tear-proof fabric (Ripstop)

    Multicam® and Multicam® Black: 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Tear-resistant fabric (Ripstop)

    Flecktarn: 35% Polyester, 65% Cotton Tear-proof fabric (Ripstop)WEIGHT

    0.08 kg (size L/XL