Surefire EP3 Earplug

VAT included

Hearing protection thanks to the pulse noise filter, ideal for military, police, sport shooters and hunters.

Hypoallergenic polymer material

Significant protection against continuous noise (aircraft or tank engines) when filter caps are plugged in/unplugged. When the filter caps are open, they also protect against loud impulse noises, but allow noises to pass through safely 

The louder the impulse noise, the more it is attenuated when the filter caps are opened.

Type test according to EN352-2:2002/CE160902-1 /EC 160903-1 (hearing threshold test with acoustic stop in the filter).

Sound insulation tested with recessed caps according to EN 352-2:2002:

SRV = 27 dB H = 28 dB M = 24 dB L = 24 dB.

Sound insulation tested with open caps according to EN 352-2:2002:

SRV = 19 dB H = 22 dB M = 16 dB L = 11 dB.

Intelligent sound insulation.

Safe protection against impulsive noise.

Directional Hearing Preserved

Wearing comfort

Built-in ear ventilation with pressure compensation

Reusable (6-8 months).

Simple cleaning with lukewarm water - do not use soap

Color-coded handle red on the right/transparent on the left

Combines with other protective equipment (helmet, goggles, respiratory protection).

Comes with a storage box and a tying tape.

Weight : 2g

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