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  • SpeedLoader Safariland Comp II

    Price €36.00
  • T.A.S Viseur Glock Single Dot Quick Sight

    Price €121.00

    Fiber optic viewfinder

    Fast and intuitive 2-eye open acquisition wide-view view viewfinder

    Low profile target acquisition viewfinder with 2 open eyes for a better understanding of the environment

    Suitable for cases

    Installation Torx key included.

    Technical information:

    Alu. aero 7075 and polycarbonate.

    Machined to the nearest fiftieth of a cm

    Dimensions: H 4.2 mm, L 18 mm, L 41-51 mm


    The T.A.S viewfinder can be used both as a standalone viewfinder and as a single rear viewfinder. For fast operational shooting, the shooter uses the light point of the T.A.S viewfinder as the single point of sight, greatly improving shooting speed and performance. Simply align the fully illuminated point of the T.A.S viewfinder with the target.

  • Camo tape for armament

    Price €79.99

    3-piece rifle camouflage fits different rifle models from HK416 to AX50.

    (Bipod, stock, barrel + scope)


    The main room covers most of the weapon. This piece consists of two tubes sewn together. 

    Slide the muzzle towards the bezel. 

    Then you will find the optical coverage. Just slide it over the bezel and you'll have one of the rubber bands with drawstring lockers on the front. 

    On the ocular side you have a simple elastic loop to fix it.

    The bipod camouflage has two tubes, which are connected by an elastic band and a cordlocker. Just slide it on the bipod 

    For shooting on the firing range: Slide the cover a little backwards, to avoid damage from hot gases. If you shoot a lot, be sure to remove the camouflage before the barrel gets too hot!

    CFIX loops for vegetation

    IRR Colors