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    Price €31.50 -30% Regular price €45.00

    Picatinny rail lamp holder

    suitable for different diameters

    attaches without tools

  • T.A.S Viseur Glock Single Dot Quick Sight

    Price €121.00

    Fiber optic viewfinder

    Fast and intuitive 2-eye open acquisition wide-view view viewfinder

    Low profile target acquisition viewfinder with 2 open eyes for a better understanding of the environment

    Suitable for cases

    Installation Torx key included.

    Technical information:

    Alu. aero 7075 and polycarbonate.

    Machined to the nearest fiftieth of a cm

    Dimensions: H 4.2 mm, L 18 mm, L 41-51 mm


    The T.A.S viewfinder can be used both as a standalone viewfinder and as a single rear viewfinder. For fast operational shooting, the shooter uses the light point of the T.A.S viewfinder as the single point of sight, greatly improving shooting speed and performance. Simply align the fully illuminated point of the T.A.S viewfinder with the target.

  • Kit cibles reactives

    Price €3,556.80

    kit of 5 self-obstructing reactive dummies: 4 standing and 1 stocking with accessories and set of hands and arms

    Allows the learner to get out of his habit of "flat" target, the arms interfere from certain angles,

    can also cause deviations of trajectories, the shooter must learn to take this into account

    Total safety of use, because it is entirely designed without metal parts

    Innovative and versatile target system 

    These targets ensure rapid learning, because with each shot, the shooter immediately knows his result allowing him to correct himself immediately.

    The shooter thus saves time in learning combat shooting and the development of his muscular memory.

    Our targets offer the possibility of training the shooter to reach lethal areas instead of shooting center mass, shooting that only neutralizes the opposing shooter in one to two seconds against 5 to 7 seconds with the current work.

    This target system is also a perfect tool to improve the shooter's self-confidence.

    We offer the opportunity to make discernment, because the arms and hands of the target are articulated, removable, and can be disarmed.

    The projectiles coming out of our dummies can be destabilized and slightly deflected, allowing shooters to extend their skills in managing terminal trajectories (environmental and neutral management).

  • RBU Platform FOR Glock Dueck Defense

    Price €136.00

    Multi-red dot mounting platform with integrated sights

    Compatibility: Glock handguns.

    Red dot compatibility: Vortex Viper and Venom

    Mounting a red dot on the weapon without making any modification to the breech and retaining sights Enhanced mechanical sights for emergency aiming

    Compatible with most red dot compatible tactical cases

    Very hard nitride coating matt black finish

    Highly resistant to corrosion even in saltwater environments