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  • Rotative system for Safariland Holster

    Price €80.00

    System for rotating a holster 360° with positioning every 15°.

    . Wearing the holster in "medium"

    . Fastening on belt or belt up to 55 mm wide

    . Extra pass for civilian belt

  • Belt Holder for Helmets

    Price €9.00

    This injection molded plastic bracket clings to a belt or belt offering the user a hook to hang headphone-type hearing protection.

    Can also be used to hang consumables: carabiner, gloves

  • Wearing plate in Safariland 6072 outfit

    Price €19.90

    Belt pass (high wear) compatible with all holster with a 3-hole hook

    . It will not pinch or add pressure to the hip bone (the supporting crest has been removed from the belt shaft)

    . It attaches to the belt or service belt (50 millimeters high)

    . Does not damage the top of the belt.

    . Ambidextrous