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    Price €149.00

    Adjustable Cobra Milspec 4088 buckle with built-in D-ring

    Double soft passers of 1.3cm stiffened to avoid sagging or twisting of the belt

    D-Ring fastening closure

    Compatible for emergency recall or heliporting with a breaking point of 3175 Kgs

    Female Velcro coating to limit abrasion of clothing

  • Inner belt Operator Eagle

    Price €25.00

    Discret Velcro closure

    Velcro male on the outside to combine attachment to the belt operator and ensure stable support

    Diving strap material

  • Belt TDU 1.5" 5.11

    Price €18.95

    Quickly get through metal detectors and safety gates with TDU® strap belts

    Non-metallic, space-saving and silent buckle allows precise blocking. 

    Can turn into a carrying strap.

    Versatile and extremely resistant

    Non-metallic buckle

    Width: 1.5" (3.8 cm)