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    Price €31.50 -30% Regular price €45.00

    Picatinny rail lamp holder

    suitable for different diameters

    attaches without tools


    Price €6.49

    Waterproof notebook 7.6 x 13 cm

    50 pages 

    built-in side ruler

    conversion of measures

    practical guide to nodes


    Price €3.50 -50% Regular price €7.00

    DOOHICKEY multifunction stainless steel

    Length 6.5 cm , weight 12Grs



    Open bottle





    Price €289.00

    Designed for airbone or ground operations

    5 choices of light : white - blue - green - red or IR with variable 

    Modes : stable - walrus or NATO flash

    Shock resistance - vibration and waterproof up to 300 Feet

    Velcro male fastener

    Energy : 1 battery CR123A 3V

    Contact us for programming


    Price €28.00

    Velcro fastener for HELL STAR 6 or HELL STAR F2 lights on helmet shell  holder, helmet cover or as a soft accessory

    Mounting : position you velcro patch, then your light and then the fastening system


    Price €65.00

    set consisting of a sleeve and an IFAK individual medical pouch

    2 side handles for fast ambidextrous output

    Stretch fabric sleeve releasing a pouch of your medical belongings (tourniquet - scissors - dressing - gel - etc.)

    Locked internal pocket with Velcro strap and zipper

    Sewn internal holding bands

    Soft Hangers 

  • Delta OL 3.0 pant extrême cold UFPRO

    Price €269.60 -20% Regular price €337.00

    Extreme cold pant for negative temperatures

    . Windproof and highly water-repellent covering fabric

    . Hollow fiber design G-Loft interior padding

    . Ergonomic design with UF PRO® Flex/Zone at the knees and back

    . Bi-elastic stretch integrated in the upper part of the front and back leg

    . Long water-repellent YKK® side zippers

    . Two fleece-lined front pockets with water-repellent YKK® zippers

    . Cordura® reinforcements at the knee and instep

    Adjustable size

    Belt buckles

    Detachable shoulder straps

    Adjustable lower legs

    Boot hook

  • Delta Eagle Softshell Gen 2 UFPro

    Price €216.80 -20% Regular price €271.00

    Jacket made of ePTFE breathable Softshell material and lined with an insulating microfleece.

    • The windstop and water-repellent outer face, 

    • AirPac® shoulder inserts to optimize carrying comfort

    • Hood Harness® system to allow the hood to follow the head movement

    • Waterproof hood laminated micro-grid 3 layers. 

    • Chest pockets are accessible from two sides. 

    • 4 pockets of mesh lined arms for small equipment 

    • 2 large inner pockets 

    • 2 internal pockets

    • Water-repellent YKK® slides

    • Junction mittens

    • Tightening of laminated wrists

    • Armpits lined in net for side ventilation

  • Delta vest OL 3.0 extreme cold UFPro

    Price €269.60 -20% Regular price €337.00

    For winter temperatures below 0 degrees

    Compatible backpack and plate holder

    . 100% WINDSTOPPER® windproof, two-layer laminate

    . Tear-resistant fabric made of 100% polyamide, 100% PTFEe membrane.

    . Highly water-repellent

    . Reliable thermal insulation G-LOFT®, 100% non-woven polyester

    . CORDURA® 500-denier fabric reinforcements

    . Water-repellent YKK® zippers

    . Ultralight clothing

    . Elbows and lower back reinforced with CORDURA® 500-denier fabric 

    . 8 Zip pockets (2 sleeve shield – 2 ventral – 2 internal)

    . 1 large Velcro panel on each sleeve

    . Double tightening on the wrists (velcro + elastic - system "wrist warmers")

    . Side vents by Zip 

    . Detachable hood with adjustable semi-rigid edge

  • LUXURY Washbag

    Price €21.00

    . Detachable mirror

    . Stainless steel hanging hook

    . Load-bearing strap

    . Carrying handle

    . 2 individually divided zipped sections

    . 1 large storage section

    . 4 elastic storage sections

    . Elastic strap for accessories

    . Wet storage compartment

    . Keeps content clean and safe

    . Compact design

    . Fully zipped

    . Sturdy and tear-proof fabric

  • GHOSTHOOD Ghost-Mask

    Price €19.99

    Ghosthood light hood

    Can be used with or without glasses 

    One size fits all

    Lightweight material for easy breathing 

    Size of table tennis ball

  • Tripod GHOSTHOOD camo

    Price €79.99

    Ultralight and compact camouflage cover for tripods.

    Lightweight, compact and efficient.

    IRR Printing

    . Assembles and disassembles in seconds

    . Five-part construction (3x leg, 1x center column, 1x ball head)

    . No restrictions on moving parts

    . Covers the legs of tripods up to 130cm in length

    . 11 attachment points for CFIX camouflage

  • GHOSTHOOD Optic-Camo

    Price €59.99

    A lightweight and quiet camouflage shell for all common telephoto and telescope lenses. Lightweight and easy to use. 

    Suitable for telephoto lenses up to Nikon 800mm or similar

    Two elastic cords for a secure fit 

    Dimensions: ø25mm x 90cm 

    6 CFIX attachment points 


  • Grimloc

    Price €3.00

    Strong and lightweight polymer

    Silent and discreet to handle

    Easily usable with gloves

    Usable with one hand

    self-cleaning system of the mechanism

    Fits on 1" (2.54cm) wide straps

    Resistance 15 Kg

    Dimensions: 54 x 40 mm

    GhilieTEX™ treatment to reduce infrared signature (except black)

    Sun and water resistant

    Sold individually

    * Do not use for recall

  • Rhesus patch

    Price €5.00

    Embroidered blood patch

    Sun : 5 x 5 cm

    male velcro fastener

  • Houston Cap

    Price €15.00

    Preformed visor is 100% polyester with embroidered aeration eyelets.

    Even if the size is unique, the Houston men's cap has a Velcro® adjustment system to adjust it. Easy to wash and with a go-anywhere style

  • Anti Fog wipes

    Price €6.00

    30 cleaning wipes for glasses

    Cleans the glass of glasses without damaging or scratching.

    Disposable wipe

    Anti-fog action lasting 10 hours

    Antistatic and anti-trace action.

    The use is also suitable for TELEVISION screens and cameras.

  • Porte plaque Tactec 5.11

    Price €199.00

    Tactec plate holder universal size

    For all types of uses, professional or sports type CrossFit

    Padded shoulder straps with aerospace-grade breathable mesh

    GrabDrag extendable, reinforced and discreet back handle 

    Padded interior panels at the front and rear with large air intakes

    Can hold 2 ballistic protection plates SAPI Medium or Large (25x30cm)

    One-handed activation cable system to quickly offload the entire plate holder

    Water-resistant coating

    Many Soft passers-by on the whole

    Wide band of passers Soft laser Cut self-gripping female, ideal for wearing your favorite patches (front/back)

  • Pa Pocket Double Flex 5.11

    Price €29.00

    Double pocket for 2 chargers

    Suitable for PA chargers or equivalent

    FLEX-HT™ mounting system

    Installs on any MOLLE or Hexgrid® platform

    Short pocket height with internal PC compression

    Strap reinforcement for abrasion and durability

    Drainage hole

  • AR15 Flex 5.11 simple Charger Holder

    Price €32.95

    Minimalist, discreet and lightweight pocket

    Contains only 1 AR/M4 charger

    Double retention system with a discreet insert and a wide elastic band that compresses the pocket

    No flap or bungee system is required to secure the charger

    Concealed insert keeps the top of the pocket open for easy insertion/extraction

    Soft 1/2" Flex-HT™ pass on the back for more weaving possibilities (height adjustment of the pocket or belt fixation)

    Soft Flex-HT™ 3/4" fastener in soft TPU for easier weave

    Pull-pull to quickly release Flex-HT™ soft fastening straps

    2 Flex Hook adapters included

    Drainage port at the bottom of the pocket

    water resistant

  • AR15 Flex 5.11 dual charger holder

    Price €38.95

    Minimalist, discreet and lightweight pocket

    Contains 2 AR/M4 type chargers

    Double retention system with a discreet insert and a wide elastic band that compresses the pocket

    No flap or bungee system is required to secure the charger

    Concealed insert holds the top of the pocket open for easy insertion/extraction

    Soft 1/2" Flex-HT™ pass on the back for more weaving possibilities (height adjustment of the pocket or belt fixation)

    Soft Flex-HT™ 3/4" fastener in soft TPU for easier weave

    Pull-pull to quickly release Flex-HT™ soft fastening straps

    2 Flex Hook adapters included 

    Drainage port at the bottom of the pocket

    water resistant

  • Hardpoint M3 Carabiner

    Price €12.00

    Hardpoint M3 stainless steel carabiner with 2 automatic closures and which fits perfectly on MOLLE, Hexgrid® or similar load-bearing platforms.

    The edges are serrated for adhesion and the finish is non-glossy.

    The hook design prevents the carabiner from turning on the loop and always staying in place on the platform.

    double carabiner

    Double automatic closures with steel spring

    Powder finish

    * Not designed for climbing

  • backpack Rush12 2.0 5.11

    Price €115.00

    A total of 17 compartments and 1 hydration bag slot 

    1 spacious main compartment with mesh zipped pockets

    1 discrete compartment Hidden CCW lined velcro to place a holster (quick access on the front of the bag) 

    Location for a hydration tank on the back

    Padded inner laptop pocket

    Zipped pocket in micro fleece

    Front compartment with organizer (consisting of 9 pockets) 

    Main opening up to 180° (U-shaped)

    Key hook

    2 external compression straps

    Adjustable padded shoulder straps, ergonomic

    Quick release clip on each shoulder strap

    Height-adjustable chest strap

    4 attachment points under the bag for additional equipment

    High carrying handle

    Many MOLLE passers on the front and sides (allows additional carrying) 

    Patch location and patronymic band

    Orifice for routing pipes or communication cable

    YKK® zippers

    Glove-Friendly pulls easily accessible with gloves

    Compatible with Rush™ Tier system to attach MOAB 6 and MOAB 10

    Signature design 5.11 Center Line™

    Coating: 2X PU

  • CAMS 3.0 5.11

    Price €424.95

    Large luggage with wheels, sturdy and water resistant

    False bottom zipped allowing the storage of a long weapon type AR

    Castors tested up to 68 Kg load (replaceable)

    Main compartment: 101.6 x 52 x 41.2 cm

    5 outer zipped pockets

    2 flat pockets for documents

    Removable buckle strap for pairing other luggage

    Write-bar™ writable tape, name tag, badge holder and document pockets

    water resistant

    Impact-resistant PE panels

    YKK® lock-compatible closures

    Pads, axles and corners in reinforced polymer

    Reinforced background

  • Belt TDU 1.5" 5.11

    Price €18.95

    Quickly get through metal detectors and safety gates with TDU® strap belts

    Non-metallic, space-saving and silent buckle allows precise blocking. 

    Can turn into a carrying strap.

    Versatile and extremely resistant

    Non-metallic buckle

    Width: 1.5" (3.8 cm)

  • Complete IFAK Medical Kit

    Price €84.95


    - 1 tourniquet CAT BLACK Gen 7 tourniquet 

    - 1 survival blanket

    - 1 Israeli compression bandage

    - 1 pouch of 2 sterile compresses (dimensions: 7.5 X 7.5 centimeters)

    - 1 roll of SPLASTER.

    - 1 pair of gloves BLACK 

    - 1 DASRI waste bag of 30 liters

    - 1 pair of JESCO type emergency scissors

    - 1 DERMOGRAPHIC marker

    - 1 Explanatory note

  • Ghillie de camouflage Ghosthood

    Price €199.99

    Hooded poncho covering the entire upper body with your accessories and accessibility to your equipment and armament

    Elastic band for adjusting the hood. The opening of the eyes is covered with a mosquito net.

    Chest: opening with a flap to use your objectives or armaments 

    Small elastic loop to shorten poncho volume. (see video)

    50 CFIX buckles for attaching natural vegetation or our adapted camouflage materials

    One size fits all and fits on any equipment (e.g. backpack)

    Access to cases, belts, bags and equipment

    Mesh eye slit for optimal camouflage at close range

    Optical opening to cover the rifle and shoulders in the supine position

    Hand camo like mittens

    Volume: approx. 2 l 

    High-quality IRR (infrared) printing

  • Ghosthood neckband

    Price €19.99

    Thin tubular neckband with a length of about 70 cm.

    Integrated elastic band on one side. For example, you can wear the elastic part on your nose

    Loose material and is very breathable.

    Protects from the sun and insect bites.

    IRR treatment

  • Camo tape for armament

    Price €79.99

    3-piece rifle camouflage fits different rifle models from HK416 to AX50.

    (Bipod, stock, barrel + scope)


    The main room covers most of the weapon. This piece consists of two tubes sewn together. 

    Slide the muzzle towards the bezel. 

    Then you will find the optical coverage. Just slide it over the bezel and you'll have one of the rubber bands with drawstring lockers on the front. 

    On the ocular side you have a simple elastic loop to fix it.

    The bipod camouflage has two tubes, which are connected by an elastic band and a cordlocker. Just slide it on the bipod 

    For shooting on the firing range: Slide the cover a little backwards, to avoid damage from hot gases. If you shoot a lot, be sure to remove the camouflage before the barrel gets too hot!

    CFIX loops for vegetation

    IRR Colors

  • Camouflage leggings

    Price €119.99

    Elastic cord with cordlocker for better fit. 

    Canadian button to fix the legs on the belt buckles or the belt itself.

    Shoe clip with storage option in case of no 

    10 CFIX loops Per leg adapted to be completed with beings used with natural vegetation or other

    This product can also be used to camouflage equipment, for example, you can easily cover a rifle or a large telephoto lens.

    One size fits all. Also suitable for winter clothing

    Access to the leg pocket

    Volume: Approx. 1.5l / approx. 242g

    Delivered in pairs


  • Ghosthood bag cover

    Price €29.99

    Camouflage cover for backpacks of 30 and 60 Liters

    Can also be used as camouflage cover for a helmet.

    Silent material

    Very breathable

    Adjustable elastic cord for a secure fit

    IRR Colors

  • Camouflage net

    Price €347.48

    Camouflage net with 4 openings for antennas, rifles, lenses, spotting scopes and more. 

    The four openings overlap when the net is used as a double layer. 

    Two men can lie side by side and work behind. 

    When used as a single layer, you will see through the material and get a feel for the environment. 

    The material is very breathable

    4 optical slots

    approx. 35 CFIX loops for attaching vegetation

    16 loops to set it up

    Items delivered: RECCE-Net, bag

    IRR Colors

  • Backpack speed pack

    Price €129.99

    Lightweight backpack low profile of 15L. 

    Special design optimizes fit. 

    Shoulder straps equipped with a height-adjustable chest strap in low profile. 

    Due to the minimalist back system, the bag sits close to the body.

    A high number of soft cuts allows a complete configuration of the backpack. 

    Has eight 25mm loops for carabiners, cords or loops

    On each side is a zipper, which can be opened from the top or bottom. This allows for different transport methods and quick access to content. Inside the bag is also a large soft panel. 

    Underneath, there is a flat pocket to add padding, if necessary.

    Hydration tube opening

    Low-profile shoulder straps

    MOLLE inside and out

    8 versatile loops

    IR Sour Colors

    Weight: Approx. 435g

  • Ghosthood fabric

    Price €94.99

    Raw material of our Ghost ULTRA LIGHT (80g/m²). 

    Usable for various DIY projects and to make your own camouflage cover. 

    Established wrinkled look.

    Width: approx. 150 cm

    Total length: approx. 3m

    Can be used for GHOSTHOOD products

    IRR Colors

  • Green Ranger Net Cap

    Price €19.00

    Removable yoke cap 

    One size fits all.

    Featuring 5 panels and a pre-formed visor, the interchangeable Rip-Strip™ yoke is designed to place your badges/patch

    Very comfortable thanks to its polyester mesh back fabric that offers excellent ventilation.

    Front panel and visor composition: 100% cotton.

    Composition back panels: 100% polyester net.

  • Rex Specs protective mask

    Price €114.50

    Active dog protective glasses, stable and safe, while allowing full head movements and a full field of vision.

    Goggles protect your dog's eyes from pollution, environmental hazards and the sun.

    All lenses protect against UVA/UVB waves.

    Interchangeable lenses.The kit includes 2 pieces, transparent mirror and black.

    Rex Specs glasses are designed and tested for working dogs to ensure all your dog's needs and comfort.

    Size M:

    Muzzle circumference: 20-22 cm.

    Head circumference: between 30-35 cm.

    Common breeds: Australian Shepherds, setters, Brittany Spaniels, Spaniels, Greyhounds, Whippets, Springer

    Common weight: 9 to 18 kg.

    Size L:

    Muzzle circumference: 22-29 cm. 

    Head circumference: between 35-44 cm.

    Common breeds: Belgian Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, GSD, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Labrador, Staffordshire Terriers, Retriever, Dobermann

    Common weight: 18 to 40 kg. 

  • Striking muzzle

    Price €67.00

    Full grain cowhide leather black thickness 4 mm 

    Foam muzzle protection

    Quick opening with safety cover. 

    Traditional loop settings.

    M=mnout turn

    L=length of the muzzle.

  • Commando muzzle

    Price €60.00

    Easy-opening leather striking muzzle 

    Size M = Muzzle circumference: 27cm Muzzle length: 9cm

    Size L = Muzzle circumference 30cm Muzzle length: 9.5cm

  • Polymer carabiner

    Price €2.50

    Carabiner for equipment 

    . Closure: Without locking

    . Ergonomics: Textured grip for a better grip

    . Fixing: Fits on any MOLLE passerby

    . Manufacturing: Polymer

    . Length: 6.5 centimeters

    . Width : 8.5 centimeters

    . Weight: 16 grams (approx.)

    Warning: Not suitable for climbing or rappelling activities!


    Price €0.00

    ITAR: contact us

    Designator Threat Alert with Detection and Active IFF Alert Technology

    ending an alert to the operator inside the helmet when it is washed by the ground or by aircraft

    Combines features with the Hell-Star Gen III and Hell-Star F2 lamps

    Possibilities to disable visible and secret lights while keeping the alert detector active 

    Shock and vibration resistant 

    Waterproof up to 100 meters

    attaches to the back of the helmet 


    Price €0.00

    Compatible for Hell-Star6 and Hell-Star F2

    Portable wireless apparatus for reprogramming headphone lamps

    Once the functions are determined, the PIM is programmed via a USB connection to a laptop

    Can be used remotely for any number of lamps by hand activation and confirmation

    CR123 power supply

    Protection by a rubber cover

  • Trousse de toilette ESSENTIAL

    Price €15.90