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  • Grimloc

    Price €3.00

    Strong and lightweight polymer

    Silent and discreet to handle

    Easily usable with gloves

    Usable with one hand

    self-cleaning system of the mechanism

    Fits on 1" (2.54cm) wide straps

    Resistance 15 Kg

    Dimensions: 54 x 40 mm

    GhilieTEX™ treatment to reduce infrared signature (except black)

    Sun and water resistant

    Sold individually

    * Do not use for recall

  • Camouflage leggings

    Price €119.99

    Elastic cord with cordlocker for better fit. 

    Canadian button to fix the legs on the belt buckles or the belt itself.

    Shoe clip with storage option in case of no 

    10 CFIX loops Per leg adapted to be completed with beings used with natural vegetation or other

    This product can also be used to camouflage equipment, for example, you can easily cover a rifle or a large telephoto lens.

    One size fits all. Also suitable for winter clothing

    Access to the leg pocket

    Volume: Approx. 1.5l / approx. 242g

    Delivered in pairs