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  • Porte plaque Tactec 5.11

    Price €199.00

    Tactec plate holder universal size

    For all types of uses, professional or sports type CrossFit

    Padded shoulder straps with aerospace-grade breathable mesh

    GrabDrag extendable, reinforced and discreet back handle 

    Padded interior panels at the front and rear with large air intakes

    Can hold 2 ballistic protection plates SAPI Medium or Large (25x30cm)

    One-handed activation cable system to quickly offload the entire plate holder

    Water-resistant coating

    Many Soft passers-by on the whole

    Wide band of passers Soft laser Cut self-gripping female, ideal for wearing your favorite patches (front/back)

  • Hardpoint M3 Carabiner

    Price €12.00

    Hardpoint M3 stainless steel carabiner with 2 automatic closures and which fits perfectly on MOLLE, Hexgrid® or similar load-bearing platforms.

    The edges are serrated for adhesion and the finish is non-glossy.

    The hook design prevents the carabiner from turning on the loop and always staying in place on the platform.

    double carabiner

    Double automatic closures with steel spring

    Powder finish

    * Not designed for climbing